At a glance

CoPe_it! is a tool of the “Web 2.0 era”.

  • It lets webizens easily collaborate by sharing opinions and resources.
  • It enables and encourages participation in private or public community workspaces.

With CoPe_it!, you can:

  • Create a personal or collaborative workspace.
  • Join and contribute to a workspace.
  • Add and share new content through a workspace.
    • Content may consist of ideas, comments, notes or any other type of multimedia documents that exist on a local PC or around the Internet.
  • Explore the existing content of a workspace.
    • Content may be moved around the workspace, thus serving visualization and organization purposes.
    • Content may be meaningfully grouped or interrelated.

CoPe_it! is a simple, scalable and sensible tool.

  • Simple interfaces enable even non IT-experienced users to contribute and explore input.
  • A scalable approach has been followed to accommodate the diversity of users’ requests; features and functionalities offered range from merely human-understandable to machine-interpretable ones.
  • Sensible conclusions can be produced by exploiting the diverse views of a workspace.

CoPe_it! fosters the growth of and augments the collaboration within communities.

  • It enhances the production and overall management of collective knowledge.
  • It builds on an argumentative collaboration approach that allows communities’ members to express their point of view on the opinions and resources of a workspace.

Work towards the development of CoPe_it! is carried out within the framework of the IST FP6-2004-028038 PALETTE project, which is partly funded by the EU. PALETTE started on February 1st, 2006 and has a duration of 36 months.