What's new

CoPe_it! v3.3 Release: 15/04/2010

1. [New] Forum functionality in a workspace is supported.
2. [New] List view projection of a workspace is supported.
3. [Improved] User interface improvements.
4. [Improved] Workspace functionality improvements.

CoPe_it! v3.1 Release: 20/02/2009

1. [New] Collaboration objects can be edited.
2. [New] Formal projection supports report generation.
3. [New] Login using OpenID account.
4. [New] Workspace snapshots are supported.
5. [Improved] User interface improvements.

CoPe_it! v3.0 Release: 28/07/2008

1. [New] Synchronous collaboration is supported (every workspace operation is immediately visible to all users connected to the workspace).
2. [New] Chat facility.
3. [New] Implementation of a Workspace Head Up Display (where text messages about the workspace operations are displayed).
4. [New] Workspace replay mechanism (that allows one to comprehend the evolution of the collaboration at a workspace).
5. [New] Rating of items in a workspace.
6. [New] RSS feed is provided (at http://copeit.cti.gr/rest/rss/).
7. [New] Support of native import/export of workspaces in XML.
8. [New] Synchronization between informal and formal projections.
9. [Improved] Transformation to formal projection can be customized by users.
10. [Improved] User interface improvements.
11. [Improved] Performance issues.

CoPe_it! v2.2 Release: 28/02/2008

1. [New] Access Control is supported. Roles and priviliges can be defined and assigned to CoPe_it! users.
2. [New] Properties of collaboration workspaces are available.
3. [New] Every user can share a collaboration workspace with other CoPe_it! users through the "properties->sharing" option.
4. [New] Properties of collaboration objects are also available.
5. [New] Interoperability with Compedium: import and export of data.
6. [New] Integration of a dedicated (FCK) editor.
7. [New] A repository addressing mechanism allows direct referencing to collaboration workspaces and objects through URLs of the form http://copeit.cti.gr/[objectID]
8. [New] CoPe_it! is registered with Google Analytics for traffic reporting.
9. [Improved] Enhanced "import forum" procedure.
10. [Improved] Drawing performance issues.

CoPe_it! v2.1 Release: 19/10/2007

1. [New] Workspaces provide a mini map for an overview of the space.
2. [New] Communicaton with CoP members by email is supported.
3. [New] External discussion forums can be imported into workspaces.
4. [New] Tag cloud view of workspace is available.
5. [New] Every user can now create communities.
6. [Improved] Numerous workspace operations have been improved towards increasing the tool's overall performance.
7. [Improved] New workspace user interface elements have been added.
8. [Improved] Forms for managing communities and workspaces are easier to use and give more hints.

CoPe_it! v2.03 Release: 21/06/2007

1. [New] Community leaders can now add new members to their community by selecting existing users from the CoPe_it! users' list.
2. [New] A new Action "Invite a friend" was added to the CoPe_it! Menu.
3. [Improved] The “add preference” option is now supported in the formal view of a discussion.

CoPe_it! v2.02 Release: 22/05/2007

1. [New] Incremental formalization approach.
2. [New] Informal projection of a workspace.
3. [New] Overall tool's "look & feel".